First Sunday ft. Kamini Kaushal | Fat Monk Talkies

A short film about the transcendental quality of friendship. Friendship is, in many ways, involuntary. It does not require the common grounds of age, perspective or even cultural background in order to formulate. Today the roles of the old and young have been reversed. Where children learn the fundamentals of language from their grandparents, today the old learn the fundamentals of technology from the wise youth. Such is this story. The story of a young man, a complete party animal and his strict, old fashioned landlady. It is also the story of an old woman, forgotten and forgetful, and her attempts to reconnect with a world obsessed with technology. It is the story of their bonding. The story of an unlikely but honest human connection in a world where even the most loved ones are viewed on a screen. Story, Screenplay & Direction: Srimanta Sengupta Cast: Kamini Kaushal, Gourav Passwala Producer: Pratish Khakhkhar, Arvind Rao and Srimanta Sengupta Production Company: Dreams Vault Media